A Dirty Grease Trap Can Put Your Restaurant At Risk!
Our Technicians Will Get Your Grease Trap Back in Tip-Top Shape!

Grease traps are essential tools for businesses in the restaurant industry, but simply installing a grease trap is not enough. The grease trap also needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. That’s because dirty grease traps aren’t just unappetizing – they can be downright dangerous.



Be On The Lookout For Foul Odors!

Over time, a pungent odor can seep out of the kitchen area and start to affect your dining area. Needless to say, nasty grease trap odors are bad for business. They can also make life pretty unpleasant for your employees. But the problems won’t stop there.

An Unmaintained Grease Trap Can Bea A Fire Hazard

Grease fires pose a serious threat to restaurants that don’t properly maintain their grease traps. These fires spread quickly, and are difficult to control. Keeping the grease trap clean is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the risk of kitchen fires.

That Dirty Grease Trap Could = Serious Bills!

A dirty grease trap is a health code violation waiting to happen. If you repeatedly fail to clean your grease trap, you may receive hefty fines from local health officials. In some cases, a restaurant may even be required to close down until the problem is fixed. Ultimately, this can cost restaurants thousands of dollars in fees and lost business.

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