Sewer & Drain Service
Sewer & Drain Service

Residential and commercial jetting, augering, and drain clog solutions!


Our Hydro Jetter Can Clear Up to 500 Feet of Clogged Drain Line and Open up to a 24-inch Pipe Diameter!

We offer a full line of drain cleaning for most type of plumbing problems in the Champaign-Urbana area. If you detect a problem, or if it’s been awhile since you’ve had drain service, give us a call.

The sooner you call, the sooner we can can get to your location to solve your problem and prevent it from getting worse.


Included in our sewer & drain service:

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We Offer Hydro Jetting Service. What is That?

Hydro-jetting drain cleaning uses high-pressure water to flush out your drains. In many cases Gulliford Septic and Sewer uses this as an alternative method to regular snaking or rooting. Our hydro jetting system uses a very intense stream of water to cut through clogs and blockages in sewer drains, area yard drains and storm drains. Our hydro jetter is capable of cutting through even the toughest debris and stoppages. It scours your pipe walls clean of grease, debris, roots, sand and dirt – then flushes everything away downstream.


Where is Hydro-Jetting Used?

Hydro-jetting can be used in a variety of settings and is often used in commercial applications where grease, food waste and industrial debris is present. It is very effective in resolving odor issues in drains with heavy debris or grease buildup. Due to the extreme effectiveness of hydro-jetting it has become the industry leader in cleaning choices for sewers and drains. Gulliford Septic and Sewer will be glad to provide this service for:

  • Homes

  • Restaurants

  • Schools

  • Hotels

  • Shopping Malls

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Property Management Businesses

  • And more!

Augering and Drain Cleaning – The Good, Bad and The Cleared

In order to remove a clog from a sewer line, Gulliford Septic and Sewer technicians rely on several different tools and appliances. The most basic and common approach is to rely on a drain auger, which is also called a drain snake. This is a long cable – often made from metal – flexible enough to go down the drain and around any bends in the plumbing.

If a clog is minor, it can be broken up using an auger in a matter of minutes. While an auger can break up whatever is causing the clog and is clearing the sewer line, it is not actually cleaning the entire pipe. To clean a sewer line and remove all blockages – large and small – the most effective option is high-pressure jetting, which we offer in the form of our hydro-jetting service shown above.

Sewer Line Camera Inspections – The High-Tech Way to Catch a Clog!

If you are having sewer problems or water line issues, consider one of effective sewer inspections through the innovative method of video inspections. At Gulliford Septic and Sewer, our goal is for you to find the most effective solutions for sewer and water line issues and the best way to do this is through a video inspection. By using a sewer scope, we can diagnose the health of your sewer line quickly and effectively, with minor disruption.

We Use the Latest In Camera Inspection Technology!

Call Gulliford Septic and Sewer today at (217) 337-5996 to schedule an affordable video inspection for your sewer. We will use a video camera to locate blockages, leaks or to verify conforming connections to the public water main.

Clearing Your Catch Basins

One drain often forgotten is the catch basin, or storm drain. A catch basin is an inlet that goes into a storm drain system. It usually includes a grate where storm water first enters. It also includes a sump which captures sediment, debris and pollutants. It is important to keep this drain clear and properly maintained so it does not fill over time with sediment and debris. Call our office at (217) 337-5996 to get your catch basin on a regular maintenance schedule and prevent future issues!

Don’t Let Your Catch Basin End Up Like This!