Septic Pumping in Champaign, IL

Septic Pumping in Champaign, IL

Having a clean septic system is important, which is why our septic system cleaning professionals and sewer experts offer excellent, reliable septic system pumping in Champaign, IL. Regularly maintaining your septic system prevents costly damage from system failure. Gulliford Septic and Sewer is here to assist you with any septic system needs, including septic system maintenance, septic tank pumping, and septic tank installation in Champaign IL.

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The Best Ways to Keep Your Septic System Maintained


Each of our trucks is equipped with a high-pressure vacuum pump and hose. These are used to remove all liquid, sludge, and solids that build up over time in your system. Regularly maintaining your septic system prevents premature system failure and can save you thousands of dollars in repair fees. Our expert team is ready to help with any of your septic system needs. If you're looking for the top septic system maintenance company in Champaign, connect with our team today.


Septic system cleaning in Champaign is our top priority. A septic system is a household wastewater solution that is most commonly used in rural areas. While there are many different septic systems and designs, the most traditional system has three main parts: the septic tank, the leach/drain field, and the soil beneath the leach/drain field. Gulliford Septic and Sewer’s expert team is knowledgeable about septic systems and how to best maintain them. Learn more about septic system maintenance in Champaign, IL.


Know When It's Time to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped


In Illinois, it is recommended that your system be pumped every 3-5 years. However, this depends on the number of people you have living in your home and the size of your tank. Typically, if you have more than five residents, it is recommended that you have your septic system pumped every 1 to 3 years. If you have any questions about when your system should be pumped, or for our septic tank pumping service in Champaign, schedule your consultation today.

There are many signs that your septic system needs to be cleaned out, including:

- Backed-up toilets

- Standing water in your yard

- Strong sewage odor in your yard

- Persistently clogged drains

If you notice any of these signs contact us as soon as possible, as these symptoms could indicate that you have a backed-up septic tank. Don’t put off calling for septic tank maintenance in Champaign, IL. At Gulliford Septic and Sewer, we make it easy to schedule one-time or regular service for your septic system.

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Learn How Debris Can Harm Your Septic System


Gulliford Septic and Sewer is one of the leading septic system maintenance companies in Champaign, IL. We pride ourselves in helping our customers keep their septic systems highly efficient and free from damaging debris.

An important thing to keep in mind when it comes to septic systems is where your septic tank is located in your yard. Septic tanks are buried, water-tight containers usually made of concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene. Typically, tanks are ten to twenty-five feet away from your house and buried about six feet deep. When it’s time to pump your septic tank, the tank will need to be dug up. If you do not want to go through that hassle, Gulliford Septic and Sewer contractors will do it for you! Contact us today for septic pumping services in Champaign IL.

Considering how natural elements can harm your septic system is also important. Tree roots can cause damage to your septic system if not maintained correctly. Roots can grow into your sewer lines and septic systems, preventing proper flow. All of our technicians are prepared with RootX, a foaming tree root control solution that kills roots. The dead roots are then carried out with the pipe flow, restoring your septic system to its full capacity. RootX will not harm your tree. This foam only flows through the pipe to kill the roots inside of it and does not affect roots outside the pipe.


Hire the Top Septic System Maintenance Company in Champaign, IL


We know that there are plenty of septic system companies in Champaign, but you can trust that Gulliford Septic and Sewer will handle your project or issue with care and efficiency. If you have any more questions or concerns regarding septic systems, septic tank pumping, or septic maintenance in Champaign, IL, do not hesitate to contact us!

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