Sewer Services in Champaign, IL

Sewer Services in Champaign, IL

Gulliford Septic and Sewer offers comprehensive sewer services in Champaign, IL. These services include a complete drain cleaning for almost all plumbing issues. If you notice a problem with your plumbing, or if it has been a while since you have had your sewer inspected, contact us. We offer professional, certified sewer and septic services in Champaign, IL. If you’re unsure if you need sewer cleaning, contact us to assess your sewer. The consequences of waiting can be costly if there is an underlying problem.

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Comprehensive Sewer Services in Champaign, IL 


Our services include drain cleaning, sewer jetting, rooting service, line augering, and line inspection. These services are all important to maintaining a clean and efficient sewer. Contact our experts to schedule a consultation today.


Keep Your Sewer Running Smoothly


If you have a clogged drain or a clog in your sewer line, Gulliford Septic and Sewer technicians will use our variety of strategies to fix the clog. One approach we take is to use an auger. An auger is also known as a drain snake. It is a long, flexible cable that our technicians put down your sewer pipe that can get around any bends in the plumbing. Minor clogging issues can be handled quickly using an auger. However, an auger does not clean the sewer line and is unable to clear large blockages. More substantial issues may require hydro-jetting.


Sewer Hydro-Jetting Services in Champaign, IL


Gulliford Septic and Sewer is proud to be one of the leading sewer cleaning companies in Champaign, IL. We are dedicated to not just removing blockages, but to ensuring that your sewer system is entirely cleaned and well-maintained. We utilize a process called hydro-jetting to completely clean out your sewer pipes.

While augers are used to remove small clogs, they are not used to clean out your drain. Hydro-jetting will remove grease, food waste, and industrial debris that is in your sewer pipes. Our hydro-jetting system utilizes a high-velocity stream of water to cut through blockages and remove clogs. While removing clogs, hydro-jetting also scours pipe walls, cleaning them of roots, grease, and other debris. Everything is then washed away downstream. We provide our jetting service for commercial and residential areas. This includes restaurants, homes, schools, malls, shopping centers, etc. Connect with our team for more information on our sewer jetting services in Champaign, IL.

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Your Sewer System Might Be Overdue for Inspection


Gulliford Septic and Sewer offers top-quality line inspection services. It is highly important that you have your drain and sewer lines inspected once every few years. Some signs that you may need a line inspection include:

- Clogged sewers

- Clogged drains

- Slow drains

- Wet spots in your yard

- Mold or mildew growth in walls

- Backflow issues

- Unpleasant odors

- An unexpected increase in your water bill

Ignoring a problem such as any of the above can lead to bigger issues that can cost thousands later on.

To conduct a line inspection, we use a high-quality line camera called a sewer scope. This scope is put through your lines to show our technicians what is going on in your pipes. This video inspection allows our technicians to identify blockages, leaks, and other issues without having to conduct a more invasive technique. Our goal is to find the most efficient and effective solution. Contact us today to schedule a sewer line inspection in Champaign, IL.

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Top Sewer Inspection Company in Champaign, IL 


If you notice any issues with your sewer, contact us as soon as possible. If you don’t see the sewer or septic service you need below, give us a call to talk to one of our expert technicians and we’ll work to resolve your concern.

 - Drain cleaning

- Sewer cleaning

- Rooter service

- Line augering

- Line inspection

- Hydro-jetting service

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