Drain Services in Champaign, IL

Drain Services in Champaign, IL

Gulliford Septic and Sewer provides top-notch drain services in Champaign, IL. If you have a clogged drain or notice something is off in your pipes, contact us right away. Putting off repair or inspection of drain pipes can lead to worse damage that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. For your trusted drain service company, call Gulliford Septic and Sewer.

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The Best Way to Keep Your Drain Clean


Are you experiencing clogged drains? We’re here to help! Gulliford Septic and Sewer offers a variety of drain services, including drain cleaning, drain inspections, line augering, and hydro-jetting. These services ensure your drain system stays maintained and in good condition. We pride ourselves on providing the best drain service in Champaign, IL.


Our drain cleaning service comes in different forms. If you have a clogged drain then our expert technicians will use one of a few methods. If the blockage is smaller, our technicians will use an auger. This is a long, flexible metal cable that they run through your pipes to unclog whatever is stuck. However, if the clog is bigger, then the technician may use a process called hydro-jetting. This is an intense stream of water that flushes out the clog and scours the walls of your drainage pipe. Contact us today for any drain cleaning needs in Champaign, IL.


Have Your Drain Inspected by a Professional


It is important to have your drains inspected every few years by a professional, especially if you begin to notice signs of a faulty drain system. Things such as clogged drains, wet spots in your yard, mold, slow drainage, or unpleasant odors are all signs that you need to have your drains inspected. Our professional technicians use a variety of top-of-the-line tools to inspect your drains, including video inspection. Our team uses a sewer scope (a camera) that goes into your drain pipes and allows our technicians to diagnose clogs, leaks, and other concerns. We will make sure to choose a cost-effective and efficient solution for you. Contact us today for a drain inspection in Champaign, IL.

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Don't Neglect Storm Drain Cleaning


The catch basin, also known as a storm drain, is an important part of your home’s drainage system. These drains often slip people’s minds, but are necessary to maintain for sewer and drain efficiency and safety. Catch basins include a sump to capture sediment and pollutants, but can become clogged with leaves, tree branches, and other debris. These blockages can lead to flooding in your yard if not taken care of properly.

Contact us to get your catch basin on a regular maintenance schedule and prevent any future issues.


The Best Drain Service Company in Champaign, IL


We pride ourselves in our exemplary drain services. If you have a question about a drain concern, our skilled technicians are happy to help. Drain maintenance is important for your home (and your wallet!). Unexamined drain issues can lead to significant repairs down the road that can cost you thousands of dollars. Regular drain, sewer, and septic maintenance ensures that your system will be functional for years to come. If you have additional questions about septic tank pumping, septic system cleaning, or how to best maintain your sewer and septic systems, our team is here to help. Contact us for any drain or septic services in Champaign, IL.

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